River Crossing Challenge

Critical Thinking

Materials and Preparation

Download or view the PDF by clicking the link below:


The PDF will supply you with a template and instructions. The template will have pictures that can be cut out and used as manipulatives to solve the riddle if needed. 


Please see the PDF for the full set of rules!


Summary: There can never be more than two characters in the raft at the same time. There are only two characters who are able to commandeer the raft! Certain characters cannot be left alone together (either in the raft or on either side of the river) without the farmer. 


This event has a correct sequence of moves to get all of the characters from one side of the river to the other without breaking any of the rules/conditions. There is no partial credit.  Do you like Easter Eggs? Search this site's home page  for a secret clickable link to get a clue for this riddle.

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