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You may beat other players, but you'll never beat...
the Gamemaster


Points (Experience or "XP")

"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience!" 

There are 5 different types of points in this competition!

1) Base Points or "Experience" Points (XP): These are earned by completing the events! The point values are listed for every challenge. "Completing a challenge means that you have satisfied all of the conditions for the challenge andthat your submitted answer (along with the required evidence) has been accepted by the gamemaster. 


2) Best In Show Points: Earned by having the top entry for the events that have "open-ended solutions." An example of this is the Post-It Power Challenge. Your performance matters! Along with earning the base XP points listed for the challenge, you can earn bonus points if your entry is one of the top 3 (based on the requirements of the challenge). 


3) Checkpoint Points: Sound redundant? Don't complain! These are freebies! If you follow the path and complete the events along the way that come before the checkpoint on the Olympic Map, you get this bonus. If you skip events or skip the checkpoint to get to the end more quickly, you don't!


4) Creator Points: Who is an event creator? YOU ARE! If you develop an event and submit it, AND it is accepted for use in a future season by the GM, you get double the amount of XP it is worth! There is a link titled "Design-U" where you can submut challenge ideas. 


5) Hidden Challenge Points: If you find the hidden challeng area, you can earn big points values. There are many hidden links and puzzles embedded in the site. The hidden challenge area is well protected and do not appear on the map!! 

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