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How to WIN! Get those points!

Points (Experience or "XP")

"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience!" 

There are 5 different types of points in this competition!

1) Base Points or "Experience" Points (XP): These are earned by completing the events!


2) Best In Show Points: Earned by having the top entry for the events that have open-ended solutions. An example of this is the index card tower. Your performance matters!


3) Checkpoint Points: Sound redundant? Don't complain! These are freebies! If you follow the path and complete the events along the way that come before the checkpoint on the Olympic Map, you get this bonus. If you skip events or skip the checkpoint to get to the end more quickly, you don't!


4) Creator Points: Who is an event creator? YOU ARE! If you develop an event and submit it, AND it is accepted for use in the following season by the GM, you get double the amount of XP it is worth!


5) Training Grounds Points: If you find the Olympic Training Grounds *aka the Brain Games section), you can earn points playing our brain training games. You earn extra for beating games or setting a high score!

Badges (Hacking Currency)

"What's your badge of honor?"

This information has not been unlocked yet... 

Stars (Giving Currency)

"Ordinary people become heroes by doing selfless acts to help those in need!"

When you look at the map, you'll notice that each challenge is worth a certain number of stars. Stars are a special form of currency that allows a team to access a separate monetary prize. Unlike the prize that is earned for having the most XP at the end of the season, the prize earned by having the most stars must be donated to a charity of the winning team's choice. In other words, you are playing to help others. The team with the most XP will NOT necessarily be the team with the most Giving Currency! 

A team could win the top XP prize for themselves AND they could also unlock the prize to give away to a charity. That has never happened before though! May the horse be with you! (No, that isn't a typo).

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